Afternoon light

Here are some photos of the gallery before the opening reception. Something wonderful happens between 3:45 and 4:30 each afternoon. Sunlight angles into the space, and for about 45 minutes, the pieces in the windows glow and cast (creepy) spidery shadows on the floor. The sun moves up the hanging bowls, lighting only one or two at time, while the others are in dark shadow. Finally, the light hits the back wall, briefly, makes new shadows and casts glints of color from the glass. When the sun settles down behind the building, all is back to normal.

Opening Reception

Remember Forget & Remember Again Opening Reception: Wednesday September 12, 5 to 7 pm Marran Gallery, Lesley University If you are not familiar with the Lesley campus, it is best to find a metered space on Massachusetts Avenue and walk down Mellen Street until you hit the grassy Quad, just before Oxford Street. The gallery is in the student center and faces the Quad.

Remember Forget & Remember Again | Sep 4 – Oct 2, 2012

Remember Forget & Remember Again: an ongoing and site-specific installation by Denise Driscoll September 4 – October 7, 2012 Reception: Wednesday, September 12 from 5 to 7 pm Marran Gallery, Lesley University 29 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA (on the University Quad between Everett and Mellen Streets) Inspired by the structure of neurons, maps of the Internet, stories of Indra’s Web and speculations on parallel universes, these tangled branching forms celebrate the interconnectedness of all things, our human capacity to uncover and perceive these connections, and our equally human incapacity to hold these details in constant awareness. I am most interested…