Fresh Start

The past few months have been focused on exhibits and new opportunities to show my work, all time-consuming processes that often interrupt the flow of work in the studio. Exhibits have come down or been installed, Open Studios is over, the studio is clean, and today I begin preparing a stack of large panels for painting. Hurray! Since 2013 I have been working with a grid of squares and circles and am now exploring the possibilities offered by a grid of equilateral triangles which yields diamonds, hexagons, and six-petaled flowers. I’m also incorporating the distressed metallic and opaque shapes that…

Work-in-progress on Instagram

If you would like to see new and developing work from my studio you can follow me on Instagram (denisedriscollstudio) where I post frequent photos of work-in-progress. I like letting people into my process without feeling the need to clean up my productive mess or breaking my creative stride. I’ve been surprised to learn a few “likes”and encouraging comments can fuel my efforts and help me stay focused!