In the Studio | Summer 2016

Now that summer is over and the school year begins, my goal is share more posts with the ideas that fuel work in the studio. This was started back in June, so is being posted a little late.

In the studio I find myself working to incorporate multiple creative impulses into something cohesive and honest.  I follow my hand’s growing desire to draw and to make new marks beyond the dot. Back in June, my eyes feasted on the fat buds of lilies as they prepared to bloom. These shapes are pregnant, weighty, and promising and they pull me back to the milk-week pods I gathered for Bundles.  I have put away the grid and the compass for now, drawing circles with more organic, complicated, and messier relationships.

When starting a new body of work I often work on paper, at a smaller scale, at first. Here are some of the studies from the initial stage of exploration. Most are 16 x 12″ or 18 x 12″.

Earlier version of image above
Detail of work-in-progress

After I’ve investigated an idea on paper I usually move to panels that are two or three times larger. This time, I had a 6×7 foot canvas so moved to that instead. The shift in scale was dramatic!

I’m working on the unstretched canvas so that I can continue to use painting techniques that take advantage of the hard, horizontal surface of the panels I typically use.

I begin by drawing a line of dotted spirals. More progress shots and the finished painting are posted on Instagram.

Detail of work-in-progress


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