Bio Perceptos | ArtBio Brasil | Jul 2017

I’m thrilled to announce that “I am Many, We are One” is included in an online exhibit, Bio Perceptos, on  This is the first time I’ve seen my artist statement translated into Portuguese and the words look both familiar and strange.

So exciting to see my work alongside that of participating artists Jeanne Rhea, Renee Robbins, Bruce Riley, John Dempcy, Jonathan McCabe, Jarmila Kostliva, Kristina Arnold, Marilee Salvator, Betty Busby, Micah Ofstedahl, Chris Hernandez, Laura Olear, Emily McLaughlin, Shoshanah Dubiner, Dalal Farah Baird, Karen Kamenetzky, Kay Hartung, Denise Driscoll and Rebecca Brady.

Thank you to curator Paula Carniero for reaching out and including me in this thoughtful and powerful exhibit.

I am Many, We are One is available for sale on

I am Many, We are One
Denise Driscoll, ‘I am Many, We are One’ (2016) , acrylic on canvas, 84 x 74 in.

About ArtBio (thanks to Google Translate):

  • ArtBio develops projects that cross disciplines, create bridges and connect people on different platforms.
  • We stimulate the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of experiences and knowledge in dynamics that help in the construction of sensitive questions.
  • We understand culture as non-formal permanent education and science as an integral part of culture.
  • We celebrate science and art as instruments of transformation and glimpse new [free] worlds free from the vice of the controversy in their relations.

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