AREA CODE Art Fair | Aug 1-31, 2020


I am thrilled and grateful to be included in the AREA CODE Art Fair along with Fountain Street Gallery members Georgina Lewis, Allison Maria Rodriguez, and Rebecca Skinner.

The AREA CODE Art Fair is the first to exclusively feature contemporary artists with ties to New England. Informed by values of collective intelligence, transparent experimentation, and open access, AREA CODE has been developed in collaboration with a team of Boston-area curators, and will be free for exhibitors and viewers. Through online and decentralized in-person experiences across Boston, the fair will feature works from New England’s most inspiring art galleries, nonprofit organizations, and individual artists (including 2020 Masters graduates) without gallery representation. Along with the fair’s main section, AREA CODE debuts curated sections focused on online artist talks and performance art, drive-in or drive-by outdoor presentations of digital/video art, and storefront displays.

Conceived as an effort to face the economic challenges that the pandemic has posed to the arts community, AREA CODE is committed to building a sustainable and equitable platform to support visual artists, and to highlighting the cultural production of the region. To help mitigate the impact of Covid-19, the fair model includes a progressive profit-sharing initiative whereby sales are distributed as follows: 50% to the artist, 35% to either their gallery/non-profit sponsor or (if unrepresented) back to the cost of administering the fair, and the remaining 15% will be redistributed equally among all section artists at the end of the fair.

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