INFLUENCE | Julie Heller Gallery East | Oct 2-16, 2020

I am thrilled to share “Influence”, a solo show of my paintings at Julie Heller Gallery East Oct 2-16 in Provincetown. Many thanks to gallerist Chuck White for his keen eye and generous support in this gem of a gallery directly across the street from PAM. The artwork absolutely glows from the windows at night. While we were admiring this view from across the street, a fox trotted by on some errand. So, if you need a little magic…

Provincetown, MA: From October 2-16, 2020 Julie Heller Gallery East presents “INFLUENCE” featuring new and recent abstract paintings by Denise Driscoll. Brightly colored knots, meshes, tangled webs, and swirling spheres explore patterns of exponential growth and social entanglement. While these paintings are characterized by joyful, iridescent colors that lean into hope with playful optimism, there are also darker, uneasy moments tinged with despair. Driscoll considers our multi-dimensional connections–the dangers of social contact as well as the sustenance of relationship–through paintings that invite the eye to meander and the mind to relax into intricate visual labyrinths.

Denise Driscoll is a painter who creates abstract representations of interconnectedness, human and otherwise. She draws inspiration from magical realism, speculative fiction, and philosophy. She participated in the first AREA CODE Art Fair in Boston this past August, is a SOLO2017 winner at Bromfield Gallery, a Curatorial Opportunity Grant awardee at the
New Art Center, and her work has been shown throughout New England. Driscoll earned her MFA in Visual Art at Lesley Art + Design, where she currently teaches. She maintains a studio at Norwood Space Center and
 lives in Framingham.

Installation view of INFLUENCE at Julie Heller Gallery East

Julie Heller Gallery East
465 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

Gallery Hours:
12-6 Sat and Sun
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