Swarm Intelligence

The Children's Room

Defined as the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, Swarm Intelligence is both the name of our group and a description of our working process. Together we focus our multiple sensibilities on large collaborative drawings. We work with themes of connection, social structure and the relationship of part to whole. Our hierarchy is circular. Our numbers expand and contract from project to project as availability and need dictate.

We use a highly negotiated, cumulative process that moves forward in layers, one mark at a time. Our end result is not planned, but discovered. We find our way by externalizing and articulating next possible steps. We proceed only when we reach agreement. All hands make all marks.

Working together, we become aware of our individuality. Seeking agreement, we reveal own decision-making strategies. Becoming transparent, we leave our egos behind. Focusing our energy, we accomplish together what we cannot do alone.

Core members: Denise Driscoll, Carol Mordecai-Myers, Lynda Schlosberg, Jeffrey Ellse, Michael Finnegan, Keith MacLelland

Projects to date: